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Change the way you think about your product.

This guide is designed to help product leaders understand why their customers buy - or hire - their products.

If you're tired of lukewarm product launches or think there's a more purposeful way to design products that truly resonate, this guide is for you. 

The Product Leader's Guide to Building Better Products that Resonate with Customers will help you to:

- Untangle the prioritization puzzle

- Stop looking at customers through your products' lens
- Use true customer behavior to you create magnetic products.
The Product Leaders Guide to Building Better Products that Resonate with Customers - The Re-Wired Group

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Change the way you think about and see your customers.

Learn new perspectives from Bob Moesta and the rest of The Re-Wired Group to build better products that resonate with your customers using the Jobs to Be Done framework.

Limitations of competing solutions and product research frameworks

A look at Jobs to be Done and Demand-Side sales on real examples

Ideas and new perspectives to take back to other leaders and product teams.

Why Download The Product Leader’s Guide to Understanding Why Your Customers Hire You
We had a good microscope but no zoomed out 10,000 foot view type research approach to our customers and what they were actually doing.”

VP Product, Media Company